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Guar Herders Of Morrowind-Overview of Guar Empty Guar Herders Of Morrowind-Overview of Guar

Post by pROvAK on Mon 13 Feb 2012, 4:42 am

Guar Herders of Morrowind-An Overview of Guar
By Rilamus Sendalas

The Grazelands region of Vvardenfell is home to the most populated Guar habitat in all of Vvardenfell, which is most likely due to the large amount of Wickweat available, a favorite meal for the species of Guar. A Guar herder has a simple, yet full life, moving, taming, and caring for the guar. If under a certain jurisdiction, or business, The Herders will often raise the Guar to an adequate age or size, and sell them to pawnbrokers, hunters, or seldom use them to make skins for themselves. Herders usually live a somewhat secluded life, out in the fields, or travelling the roads with pack guar, selling goods to make a living. The Guar herders often make attachments with certain guar, and occasionally give them names.

A Guar's diet includes: Wickweat, Grass, and the occasional bittergreen plant. The guar is a large animal, which requires the herder to find and lead them to fresh water. Water is a fundamental part of a wild guar's lifestyle, and if it lacks the needed nutrition, the large beasts may become uncooperative, or even hostile. It is important for the herders to always keep a keen, watchful eye over their guar, as if one were to stray off, without the herder, it would not last by itself. The herder makes a reasonable living off of selling, trading, and skinning the guars, so most herders will at the least own a shack, and if successful, a house. Most guar, wild or not, are usually tame, unless inflicted by a disease or just inhospitable. A guar has a strong, dome like head, so the herders know when to keep their distance. A guar in a rage, or in a panic, should best be left avoided, as the guar can put up quite a fight.

In order for the guar to accept the herder, he must be acquainted with each and every guar, know their individual habits. Eventually, the herder earns their acceptance, and is now a part of the group. The guar will not do as directed, unless by their proper master. The guars can also form attachments to each other, which results in their mating process, which is long, and strenuous on both the guar and herder. If the female guar is too stressed during or after childbirth, she can die quite easily. The herder must make it a priority to make sure the female guar survives the childbirth comfortably, and quickly. After the guar is born, the herder's next task is to keep it warm and dry, an advantage to owning a shack or house. Once able to walk, the guar joins the rest of the group, and is further taken care of by the rest of the group.

The guar herder must direct the guar to the appropriate area or region, depending the season or weather. The Grazelands and Ascadian isles are the most populated guar areas, as they have various guar trails and fields spread across. The guar survives well in these areas, as they require much wickweat, sun, and space. The guar does not have a large presence outside of Vvardenfell, but there is known to be guar inhabiting the mainland of Morrowind. Of course, the numbers are quite miniscule when compared to the amount located on Vvardenfell. The guar usually likes to travel and live in groups, but some require a certain amount of independence, and separate themselves from the group. Often when the guar leaves the group or herder, it either obtains a disease and dies, or meets its demise by hunters, looking for its hide. The guar herder must do his best to protect the group, while protecting himself from bandits, or wandering Kagouti, or any other wild creature.

The guar herder must be aware of the health of the guar at all times, as the slightest affliction can mean the life of one of these beasts. Usually, the guar maintains a tan hue, but when affected by a sickness or disease, the guar may appear very pale, or white. But a guar does exist, under no care of herder, that many call the “White Guar”. It is a single guar that continually maintains the color of white, although under no sickness. Not enough is known about this guar to fully comprehend the nature of this anomaly, but this guar remains as a symbol to some, as a sign of luck, and a sign of the future. This guar has only been spotted few times, and only in the Grazelands Region. Some say that the gods placed this guar as a sign to man, and others state that it is a mutation of sort. No one really can explain this, and it remains another mystery of Vvardenfell.

The life of the guar herder is simple, yet challenging at once. Most Herders will describe to you how serene their life is, and how fulfilling it is to direct the path of an entire species.
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Guar Herders Of Morrowind-Overview of Guar Empty Re: Guar Herders Of Morrowind-Overview of Guar

Post by Ryu Hayabusa on Mon 13 Feb 2012, 4:55 am

Very, very good. I'd say it beats 95% of vanilla books. Good grammar and spelling. Perfect. Just what we need. cheers

I will make just a couple of edits when I incorporate it it in the CS.
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