Happy birthday Outreach!

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Happy birthday Outreach!

Post by Le Grimacier on Tue 05 Feb 2013, 3:26 pm

One year ago some of you have decided to recreated the province of Elsweyr. (I won't name them. They will recognize themselves tongue )
It's still a long road to go as we have only a little information about it and we have to make all from scratch. Some could say we have done nothing in one year ("You should have acted" as the other said) but we have discussed about a lot of new lore and we are beginning to build our first city.

Yes, we are few.
Yes, we aren't very organized. Razz
How many mod have stayed only as ideas? How many landmasses have been abandoned? How many models forgotten on hard disc? Not ours!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUTREACH! Long life to Elsweyr!

N.B. The cake is a lie!
Le Grimacier
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Re: Happy birthday Outreach!

Post by pROvAK on Tue 05 Feb 2013, 9:14 pm

Happy Birthday Outreach!
And Thanks Grim! Smile

Back when i was perusing other forums for members to contribute to this project, all though we are few, and some of us inexperienced, I still wasn't expecting even this. Thanks everyone!!

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Re: Happy birthday Outreach!

Post by Ryu Hayabusa on Thu 07 Feb 2013, 9:10 am

I remember, I had just gotten into TR and all that jazz. I got a message from you looking for help and I decided that something different was the best beginning.

I always had the idea of Elsweyr in the back of my mind, but a year ago it happened. The chance to actually help it see the light of day arrived.

Long live the Empire! Long live Outreach!

(I know the Empire is in shambles in TES:V, but we aren't there yet! Laughing)

Let me guess, someone stole your CS?

I'm a bad-ass ninja. I swear. I got this.

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Ryu Hayabusa

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Re: Happy birthday Outreach!

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