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Post by Rattfink333 on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 10:11 pm

fighters guild topic. In a province such as this. they should have ALOT of business. Post ideas here.
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Post by Ryu Hayabusa on Thu 03 Jan 2013, 11:23 am

I always thought the potato snatcher quest in Oblivion would have been a great fighter's guild quest had it been a more thorough quest. My point is that a good contract that involves you snuffing out the monster responsible for something is always fun. One that requires you to pick up a clue before you just set out to kill the enemy. When you think of it, most people probably don't know exactly what or where the objective is. This would require you to do some actual work. Sort of like the initial Rat Problem quest in Oblivion where you get Pinarus' help.

Perhaps one for the middle of your Elsweyr Fighter's Guild career.

The actual quest could be many things. Strange sugar cane disappearances, methodical robberies in Senchal's Black Kiergo district, etc.

Let me guess, someone stole your CS?

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