How to do NPCs dialogues specifics to Elsweyr.

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How to do NPCs dialogues specifics to Elsweyr.

Post by Le Grimacier on Sun 25 Mar 2012, 10:09 am

When you create a NPC for a province mod, you will be confronted to generic topics. Unfortunately, you'll find a lot of references to the province of Morrowind, like rumors, names of daedrics ruins or other NPCs, etc... If you just use the NoLore variable to get rid of them, all other NPCs from any other mod will probably be able to use your dialogues if the conditions are not very strict. And you are a lazy Sleep . You don't want to multiply dialogues lines to match every possibility.
I have a solution. When you create a new NPC, add him this little script named ElsweyrLore:
Begin ElsweyrLore
short NoLore
short ElsweyrLore
End ElsweyrLore
The NoLore variable will get rid of generic topics and the ElsweyrLore variable give you an easy way to filter yours dialogues.
When you create a new dialogue, add it the condition Local ElsweyrLore = 0 and your dialogue will be displayed only for a NPC having the script. So, you could create new rumors, advices, etc...
This is valid for a generic NPC from Elsweyr. If you use his ID or the conditions are specifics, you don't have to use this script.

Edit: Typo corrected. Embarassed

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Re: How to do NPCs dialogues specifics to Elsweyr.

Post by Ryu Hayabusa on Sun 25 Mar 2012, 3:45 pm

That's something that even I can do! Thanks. I didn't want us to have to go by each and every ID all the time.

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